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Software Testing is the process of executing a software with the intent of finding errors.
Software is tested to increase its quality or reliability.
Raising the reliability of the software means finding and removing errors.

1.What is test ware?
Test ware is the subset of software,which helps in performing the testing of application.It is a term given to the combination of software application and utilities which is required for analyzing a software package.

2.Why do we need Software testing?

To find the difference between specifications and developed system.
To get adequate trust and confidence on the product.
To show that the products works with negligible risks.
To offer advice on product quality and risks.

3.what is the difference between white box,black box and gray box testing?
The strategy of Black box testing is based on requirements and specifications.It requires no need of knowledge of internal path, structure or implementation of the software being tested.

White box testing is based on internal paths,code structure and implementation of the software being tested.It requires a full and details and programming skill.

This is another type of testing in which we look into the box which is being tested,It is done only to understand how it has been implemented.After that we close the box and use the black box testing.

4.Define Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is the measure of the quality of the process that are used to create a quality product..

5.What is unit testing?

concerned with

Functional correctness and completeness.
Error handling
Checking input values
Correctness of output data
Optimizing algorithm and performance.

6.Explain the difference between debugging and testing?

Testing is a process of finding defects where as debugging is a process of finding the cause of those defects and fix them.Debugging is not testing.Debugging always occurs as a consequence of testing activity.

7.Explain waterfall model?

It is a sequential process where as

Project planning,requirement gathering and analysis.
Software design and implementation.
Testing and Deployment

8.What is RAD?

The RAD(Rapid Application Development) model is proposed when requirements and solutions can be modularized as independent system or software components,each of which can be developed by different teams.After these smaller system components are developed,they are integrated to produce the large software solution.

9.What are the types of defects?

There are three types of defects.They are

Wrong-These defects are occurred due to requirements have been implemented correctly.

Missing-It is used to specify the missing things i.e. a specification was not implemented.or the requirement of the customer was not noted properly.

Extra-This is an extra facility incorporated into the product that was not given by the end customer.It is always a variance from the specification but may be an attribute that was desired by an customer.However,it is considered as a defect because the variance from user requirements.

10.What is Monkey testing?

Random testing is also known as monkey testing.In this testing,data is generated randomly often using a tool.The data is generated either using a tool or some automated mechanism.

It has some limitations:

Most of the random tests are redundant and realistic.
It needs more time to analyze results.
It is not possible to recreate the test if you do not record what data was used for testing.

11.What is the difference between verification and validation?

Verification is the process of determining whether the output of one phase of software development confirms to that of its previous phase.

Validation is the process of determining whether a fully developed system confirm to its requirements and specifications.

12.What is fault,failure and bug?

A fault is a condition that causes a system to fail in performing its required function.

Failure is the inability of the software to perform a required function to its specification.

A software bug may be defined as a coding error that causes an unexpected defect,fault,flaw, or imperfection in a computer program.

13.What are the categories of debugging?

The various categories for debugging are:

Brute force debugging
Cause elimination
Program slicing
Fault tree analysis.

14.What is regression testing?

Regression testing is not a level of testing,but it is the retesting of software that occurs when changes are made to ensure that the new version of the software has retained the capabilities of the old version and that no new defects have been introduced due to the changes.

15.What is a test case?

A test case is a set of instructions designed to discover a particular type of error or defect in the software system by including a failure.

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