Out sourcing is an arrangement in which one organization gives services to another that could be or in general have been given in-house. Outsourcing is a Trend that is turning out more basic in information technology and other industries for services that have been viewed as natural for dealing with managing a business. Now and again the entire information of an organization is out sourcing including installation and business analysis and in addition the establishment, administration and servicing of system and workstations.

Permanent Staffing

Almost all the companies in all the sectors, recruit candidates for a permanent job and hence permanent staffing is our Prime focus. Here we concentrate on all the sectors like – Insurance, ITES, E-Publishing, Retail, Media and Manufacturing and we can crack any kind of requirement through our expert team of executives and our modest Recruitment techniques.

On getting the requirement from the clients we undergo our unique process of 3E’s (Extract, Encounter and Entreat) and propound the right candidate at right time to our clients. We have separate teams for every sector which increases our efficiency in providing the perfect source to our clients.

Our Unique service benefit:
  • Good Turn around time
  • Best Hit Ratio
  • Service delivery in time
  • Cordial relationship with candidates
  • We will process your Turnkey assignments which makes your work an easy task
  • Significantly reduce sourcing time frames

Contract Staffing

We identified that the present corporate world is facing a large challenge owing to the ever changing Technology and therefore the most inconsistent market things. So as to administer flexibility and convenience to our purchasers in achieving their short term achievement objectives, we offer them with contract staffing. With contract staffing our purchasers get free from their agitated task of recruiting, motivating, training, and every one alternative liability as an employer that the team of Azure IT Solutions Jobs can watch out.

Identify your targeted candidate from our Trail Execution Module:
  • Reduce the Operational cost involved in permanent recruitment
  • Flexibility
  • Great deal of consuming time
  • Inadequate planning beforehand
  • Readymade solutions for your instant needs
  • Maintaining the official record is no longer the client’s responsibility


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